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About Talent Chain

The talent chain is based on blockchain technology to create a decentralized application platform.It allows us to use this platform to write Turing-complete smart contracts that are in line with business logic, and to develop decentralized applications. These applications use the blockchain's features to keep working and never stop.

The talent chain will help developers to easily use TAL to develop applications or realize resource realization by providing core application APIs. In the end, a blockchain platform is established for decentralization, global coverage, talent recruitment and training, headhunting, equity sharing, and value creation.


  • Internet,Financing/Investment/Securities,Automobile and Accessories,Estate,Service industry Government/Nonprofit······

  • English Training,Trading,other language Training,Professional skills,Certification,Financial accounting ,Architecture, Degree ······

  • CEO,Vice president,General manager,HR Director,HR Manager,Financial Manager,Director of Marketing,Senior engineer,Postdoctoral,PhD,MBA······

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